Thursday, January 28, 2010


Directed by: The Mo Brothers
Run time: 95 min

If you like blood and gore, watch this film while eating Spaghetti bolognese. Since it is the proper snack for this blood fest. Don't forget to eat it with extra ketchup.

No need to feel disgusted at all, this film deliver what it has promised, horror and thriller every second of it, it is worth every penny of your ticket price and you will be awed by the scenes. Just remember, don't take your kids or your underage nephew to watch this one.

Forget logic, anyone who went to see this don't expect for a twisted story but expect for twisted gore. Slashing, mutilating, squirted blood and severed limbs in a fast pacing editing is to be expected. Not recommended for squeamish people and those who are afraid of blood though. Compared to the Saw series, the gore level of this film is mild, but for Indonesian movie, this one is a breakthrough.

The production value is top notch, it matches those slasher movies made in the States and the Mo Brothers has maximized the use of small set. The title itself is very clever "Rumah Dara" means "Dara's House", added the letter "h", it could mean Rumah Darah in Indonesian or Blood House in English. This is an extension of their short Dara, which is also good. Most of the performers in Dara returns for Rumah Dara, with slight changes.

The plot is easy to understand, few youngsters caught in a bad situation after they had a night in a club. They went into a house of Dara and there, they meet their fate. From that on, your heart will pound higher and higher until you realize that you already eat too many spaghetti bolognese with extreme delight.

The Mo Brothers surely have talent and they have raise the bar on thriller genre in Indonesia. If Rumah Dara about to be made as a trilogy, they can revive the horror/slasher genre in Indonesia. Thumbs up for them.

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